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Not just another Off-leash Walking Service!

We are not your ordinary walking service!  Here's what makes us the one to choose for your pups:

64 Acres of woods and fields for off leash trail walks,

An enclosed paddock with fresh water and room to romp and play

 GPS trackers so your pup won't ever get lost,

Walkers with decades of experience with dogs

Training support

First Aid trained and certified

Nutritional counselling

  Special trail walks on weekends where you get to come and walk off-leash with your pup

Walk Rates

3-4 walks per week: $22.00 per walk  

($15.00 for additional dog)

Best Value! 5 days per week: $19.00 per walk

($14.00 for additional dog)

2 walks per week:   $26.00 per walk

($15.00 for additional dog)

Weekend walks:  $30.00 per walk

($23.00 for additional dog)

Note: due to the unique nature and benefits of walking your dog off leash in a pack, we recommend at least 3-4 walks per week so they are able to receive all the benefits this experience has to offer. 

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