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Boarding FAQ

Where will my dog stay when they board with you? Will they be crated or free? 

Unless you request otherwise your pup will be able choose from a comfy dog bed, armchair or couch, even in the bedroom! He is part of our family so will be treated accordingly

What if I want my dog in a crate?

If that is your dog's routine then we can accommodate that, either with a crate of the team member or one you bring yourself.

When will my dog be picked up for boarding?

Pick up for pack walking clients will revolve around your dog's regular walking schedule unless otherwise arranged. Pick up for Boarding Only Clients will be determined if you decide to add on this service.

When will my dog be dropped off at the end of their stay?

Boarding 'check out' is around noon unless you have requested an extended daycare service. (See our additional fees on the Pricing page)

What do I send with my dog for their stay?

We will need dog food for the length of your dogs; stay, and any medications or special food or supplements your dog requires. We will also need your dog's collar. We have everything else -- leashes, bowls, dog beds, and toys.  If you want, you can send their special treats and an article of clothing or blanket that smells like home.

Do the boarding team members have fenced yards? 

Yes they do. However, if we feel your dog may be nervous during their stay, we will put a GPS tracker on their collar for additional security in case of escape from the home or property. 

Can you accommodate a raw food diet? 

Yes, we are very familiar with raw feeding as many of our team members feed their dogs raw as well. We have fridge/freezer space where we can store your dog's raw food.

Do you administer medication? And is there a charge?

We do, and we do not charge extra for the service.

Will you take my dog to the vet if they need to go?

Yes we will and there is no additional charge if the event was not a pre-existing condition. However, we will first call the emergency contact you gave us and you as well before making that decision. We are not responsible for any vet bills should it be necessary to take them. If the visit is the result of a pre-existing condition there will be an additional charge for the vet visit. 

How far in advance should I book? 

Three months in advance is the earliest you can reserve a spot. We are a small team and space is limited so we recommend booking as soon as you know the dates you require boarding.

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