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Meet The Dog Walk Happy Team

2018 DWH photoshoot M and kissing dogs.j
2018 DWH photoshoot MJ w dogs.jpeg
2018 DWH photoshoot Jenny w 2 dogs.jpeg

Miranda Howes, Owner


MJ Miller,

Walker, Pack Leader


Jenny Reynolds,

 Pack Leader, 


Alexandria Campbell, Scheduling Coordinator, Pack Leader

Prior to joining DWH Alex managed a horse stable for 10 years. She and her family are life-long dog lovers and she raised and fostered many different dogs. 

Walker nicoleurry.jpg


Nicole Urry, Pack Leader



Holly Smith, Pack Leader

Ckay 2020 ED.jpg

Carol Kay, Accounting, customer support

Carol a long time dog lover was a pack leader for us a few years ago. Now she works behind the scenes making sure the biz side of  Dog Walk Happy runs smoothly. 


Julie Goobie, Boarding Coordinator, Pack Leader

Miranda started working with dogs as a volunteer dog walker at the local shelter when she was 14. She went on to become a vet tech. When she had her 2nd daughter she started walking dogs to earn extra cash. And Dog Walk Happy was born!

Jenny, a life long dog lover worked for a little while at a pet store and realized she wanted to do more. She is now an experienced pack leader with Dog Walk Happy as well as helping us in admin as well. 

MJ has owned dogs all her life and jumped at the opportunity to be a pack leader for Dog Walk Happy. 

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