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At Dog Stay Happy your pup will be pampered and loved, staying with us in our homes

We look after your fur baby like they are our own. There's no kennel cages or confinement. They stay with us and become part of the family. 

Boarding rates:

One night: $75.00, 2nd dog $55.00

Weekend Rate: Fri-Sat night pkg - $135.00, 2nd dog $95.00

2+ nights: $65.00 per night,

2nd dog $45.00

Extended stay: 1st 5 days: $65.00, then $55.00 for balance of stay.

Long Holiday Weekend Pkg: (Fri, Sat, & holiday)  $225.00, 2nd dog $150.00


Price includes: Daily walks at our private dog park

We pick up your dog and drop them off. One night is a late morning pick up and a noon drop off. If the drop off time extends we charge $15 for every hour past noon up to price of another night.


Important Note:  If you are not a regular walking client we must do a meet and greet with your pup before we do daycare, play care or boarding. All our services revolve around the off-leash walks and we MUST know the pup before they go out with us. If you are looking for a single day, one-off booking, we will need to have enough notice to schedule a meet and greet. Safety first -- we do not  want to risk anything for your pet or our walkers. We understand they are family because we are a family. Thanks for understanding. 

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