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Puppy Playcare





We all know that in the first few months of your pup's new life in your home it is critically important to establish good habits. This is the time for learning the essential commands, and most importantly SOCIALIZATION!

We offer a Puppy Playcare package that includes a consultation with Miranda about all things 'puppy' such as: nutrition, training, puppy behaviour and exercise.

Miranda, with over 25 years of experience, can help you and your dog get off on the right 'paw'. 

Playcare Prices

Puppy Playcare Package:

1 phone consultation with Miranda and 3 playcare sessions: $180.00


On-site initial assessment fee of $50.00, then, $40.00 per day Mon-Fri


Why is Playcare Special?

If your puppy is 10 to 16 weeks old, it's time for them to discover the joy of playing with other dogs and meeting new people. And we have just the thing! Your puppy will spend the day at our puppy nursery, playing, napping, and, most importantly, socializing with other puppies and humans. Did we mention lots and lots of potty breaks? It's the perfect way to get your fur baby comfortable with different environments and  ready for pack walks when the time comes.



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