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Need some help with your new puppy?

We all know that in the first few weeks of your pup's new life in your home it is critically important to establish good habits. This is the time for learning the essential commands, setting the family heirarchy, and teaching your new fur baby what it can and can't do. 

Miranda, with over 25 years of experience with dogs, can help you and your dog get off on the right 'paw'. 

If your puppy is 10 to 16 weeks old it's time for socialization and we offer a Puppy Playcare package that includes a consultation with Miranda about all things 'puppy': nutrition, training, puppy behaviour and exercise. This package is $175.00 and includes 3 Puppy Playcare sessions where we pick up your pup and bring them to Dog Walk Happy Central for 4-5 hours of socializing with other puppies. 

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